Our Plant, where orders are processed with care!

Heavy Duty Dry Cleaning Machine on site to handle huge workloads.  All your clothes will come out looking brand new.  Even those that look extremely dingy from sitting in your closet for too long.

Have you noticed at most cleaners the end of your sleeves and the back of your shirts are not pressed?  Have you noticed a clamp mark on the bottom of your shirt where it buttons up?  The reason for this is because they have old machinery and because they do not touch up your shirts.  We make sure all our shirts are pressed to perfection and you will not get that unsightly clamp mark here at our Cleaners

We have top of the line Shirt Cuff Pressing machines to take all those unsightly wrinkles out of the cuffs.

Cleaned and then pressed with great attention to detail is what we strive for.  We touch up all our shirts unlike others in the area.  We honestly believe our quality can not be matched.

We handle and bag over a thousand garments per day with ease.  Our Dry Cleaners is always full of freshly cleaned and pressed clothes.

Here are some ties hot off the press!  Ties are very delicate and need to be handled with care since most of them are made of silk fibers.  We will make sure your ties look good as new after it has been cleaned.