We Specialize in Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation.  

Unlike our competitors we process our Wedding Dresses at our facility, so we ensure your garment is handled with the utmost care. Not only do we clean and preserve wedding gowns, but we also handle Christening gowns as well. Pricing can vary depending on accessories (i.e. gloves, veils, hats) and how soiled the dress is.

Base price for wedding dress cleaning & boxing: $200

Base price for Christening dress cleaning & boxing: $80

These are some beautiful wedding pictures from just a few of our customers.  We cleaned, boxed, and preserved these immaculate Wedding Dresses.  Thank you guys so much for entrusting us to handle such an important heirloom.


Beautiful Ashley Alley in her elegant wedding dress

Ashley Alley

Our customer Ashley Alley on her memorable wedding day! Thank you so much for entrusting us with cleaning and preserving such an important garment.  The beautiful Wedding Dress matches the beautiful bride.  We appreciate all the business you have given us throughout the years.  You are truly a loyal and appreciated customer.    

Lorene Song Lentz and her husband Jeff Lentz in beautiful Cabos, Mexico.

Lorene Song Lentz and Jeff Lentz

On a beautiful day and place, there was also a beautiful Wedding. Lorene and Jeff was married in Cabo, Mexico.  We cleaned and Pressed both bride and grooms garments prior to their Wedding in Cabo.  We appreciate you guys giving us an opportunity to be part of such a happy day of your life.  You guys look amazing, and we are so happy you guys had such a wonderful Wedding.

Hot Off Our Press, A beautiful Bridesmaid dress

Brides Maid Dress

Hot off our presses is a beautiful and immaculate Brides Maid Dress.  We press to perfection as you can see in the photo to  your left.  We pay close attention to every detail when we professionally press your garments.