We know your leather/suede garments can be very pricey.  So unlike other Dry Cleaners we are licensed and certified to handle leather at our facility.  Also, the turnaround time is much shorter than other cleaners.  We clean all varieties of leathers/suede such as coats, gloves, wallets, etc. At this time we do not offer leather/suede shoe cleaning or repair. You can have a piece of mind when leaving your leather garment to be cleaned with us.  We will ensure it is handled with the utmost professional care. We are also able to clean real fur items as well. For all leather, suedes and fur items we will explain the cleaning process to you and have you sign a cleaning waiver.

Designer Leather jacket professionally cleaned here at our facility.

Attention to detail is essential

You can entrust us to take care of all your designer labels.  We will treat it as if it was our own